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Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions About Vehicle Windscreen Replacement

On occasion, vehicle windscreen replacement is necessary for keeping your windscreen safe. When your windscreen is functioning as it should, it provides both visual and physical safety. However, there are myths surrounding vehicle windscreen replacement that might deter you from fixing it properly. To maintain your car's integrity, it's important to clear these myths up.

All Windscreen Glass is the Same

Generally, vehicle windscreens require either laminated or tempered glass. Laminated glass is useful for front windows, as it doesn't shatter. This means you're less likely to encounter an injury if something breaks the windscreen. Other windows on your car might benefit from tempered glass as it breaks into small and non-sharp pieces.

You Can Ignore Small Chips

Never ignore a chip on your windscreen, no matter how small it is. Further assaults and extreme temperatures can cause small chips to grow into large cracks. Subsequently, you may find yourself paying for a replacement that you could have otherwise avoided.

Windscreen Replacements Are Time-Consuming

It's no longer the case that vehicle windscreen replacements are so time-consuming that you'll find yourself without a car. Advances in technology allow them to take place at a rapid rate, so you can return to driving quickly. This means there's no excuse for delaying your replacement.

Vehicle Windscreen Replacements Are Expensive

The same technological advances that make windscreen replacements quick also make them cost-effective. Even better still, most insurance policies cover the cost of a replacement without a huge impact on your overall policy price. It's also worth bearing in mind that your insurance will likely payout, even if the need for a replacement follows storm damage. Always check with your insurer before assuming they won't cover the cost.

DIY Kits Work As Well as Professional Repairs

Although you can use a DIY kit as a temporary solution, you shouldn't use them as a replacement for professional repairs. DIY kits often come with temporary results, which means you're vulnerable to further damage. A professional repair has long-lasting benefits and is more likely to satisfy your insurance company.

Aftermarket Windscreens Aren't Reliable

Aftermarket windscreens are the windscreens that a manufacturer produces when the original vehicle is no longer in production. They're every bit as safe as those from the original equipment manufacturer and have to meet high standards for a professional to fit them.

Understanding the truth behind common vehicle windscreen replacement myths can help you find the best product for your money. By always using a professional for the work, you'll benefit from a new windscreen that keeps you and your vehicle safe.

Reach out to a vehicle windscreen replacement service near you to learn more.