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Ideas And Tips For Installing A Kitchen Splashback

Glass splashbacks not only cover kitchen walls, protecting them from food splats and grime, but they offer endless ways for you to decorate and personalise the decor. With this freedom, though, comes more decision-making. Read on for some ideas and tips to help you select the best splashback for your kitchen.

What's The Focal Point?

You can back paint glass splashbacks in virtually any colour to harmonise them with surrounding components such as cabinetry and flooring. To add extra interest, you can even place a print behind the glass, filled with abstract geometric patterns, a landscape scene or any other type of image. Before choosing a specific design, consider whether the splashback will form the focal point of the kitchen or play a supporting role to a stunning granite countertop, for example. To blend in the painted glass, go with a neutral hue from within the benchtop or elsewhere. Otherwise, to make a statement, choose a stunning colour or backprint that will grab people's attention as they enter the room. Having an idea of the role of the splashback within the decor will help narrow down your options.

Covering What Space?

While splashbacks typically extend from the benchtop to upper cabinetry, there's no need to stick to this standard installation. Creating a different shape will add visual interest. You could, for instance, extend the splashback right up to the ceiling in selected areas on either side of a range hood. Otherwise, spread it around a wall corner or right down to the flooring. When you do so, you'll incorporate a surprise factor into the design.

Texture Effects

Glass might be sleek and beautiful, but you can add the impression of texture to your splashback with backprints of brickwork, timber, ceramic tiles or marble. Brickwork and wood would be challenging to keep clean, but as a print behind a glass panel, they add warmth and a sense of texture without the hassle of maintenance hassle. Other options include images of textured ceramic and stone that create an enlivening juxtaposition against smooth glass. Sparkling metallic effects provide another way to jazz up your splashback. 

Consider The Finish

One way to tone down the colour or print behind the panels is to install frosted glass. For instance, combine a vivid scarlet with frosting that mutes the effect for a dazzling but classy look. Alternatively, rather than combining loud designs with quiet, you could pair a muted sage with frosted glazing for a calming, dreamy splashback.