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Why Glass Splashbacks Are Better Than Tile

When renovating or remodelling your kitchen, one of the choices you'll be faced with is the material for your splashback. But when it comes to choosing between glass and tiles, there are some very clear differences.

Glass has many unique benefits as a splashback, both functional and aesthetic, benefits not shared by tiles and grout. If you are currently trying to decide between a tile and a glass splashback for your kitchen, the following points will illustrate why glass is the better of the two options.

Glass Splashbacks Are Seamless

The biggest advantage offered by tiles is the sheer array of colours and styles on offer. However, tiles are much more intrusive than glass splashbacks are. There is more of a risk that your tiles won't complement the style of your kitchen. And reversing your decision will be costly and time-consuming.

However, because glass splashbacks consist of one seamless surface that is customized to your wall, they don't jump out at you like a tiled surface does. Instead, they blend in with their surroundings, especially if you go for a clear glass surface.

Glass Splashbacks Are Easier to Clean

The actual surface of tiles isn't that different from glass when it comes to cleaning. Both are easy to wipe down and maintain. But because tiles also have grout between them, they are, overall, more difficult to clean. Food can build up between the tiles, and over time, the grout degrades. Glass doesn't have this problem.

Glass Splashbacks Are More Versatile

A clear glass splashback will complement whatever style of kitchen you go for. A clear glass splashback will fit both a modern kitchen and a more rustic kitchen, simply because a clear glass splashback won't obscure the background you place it on. Tiles, on the other hand, need to match their surroundings; otherwise, they look out of place.

Glass Splashbacks Are Easier and Faster to Install

If you are looking to renovate or remodel your kitchen quickly and efficiently, a glass splashback is a good option. This is because your glass provider will usually create a custom sheet of glass that matches your specifications. You then install that glass splashback in one go. The same is not true for tiles, which take time since each tile needs to be placed individually.

Are you trying to choose between a glass splashback and a tiled surface for your kitchen? Then the aforementioned benefits might help you to see that glass is the way to go.

To get help with a glass splashback installation, contact a glass company in your area.