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The Benefits of Leadlight Doors In Your Home

Leadlight doors are attractive in many settings, especially residential ones. They are made from divider bars that sit between the individual sections of glass. These bars are known as cames and lead was the traditional material that was used to fashion them. These days, other metals are also used in the manufacturing of leadlight glazing but lead is still often the most preferred material. The use of coloured and tinted sections of glass to create an image is centuries old and was used in many church settings in Europe long before it was even considered for residences. In modern-day Australia, leadlight doors still have a broad appeal. What are the main benefits of having them fitted?


The first and most important thing to say about leadlight doors is that they have a superb decorative effect. Whilst still affording you with a glazed door that allows light to get in, leadlight doors provide an image that should be enjoyable and welcoming whichever side of the door you happen to be on. Of course, floral designs are among the most popular but you don't have to have a door with this sort of design for it to have the desired decorative effect. When you have such a door fitted to your home's entrance, it won't simply be prettier than a standard entranceway but one which is more relaxing, charming and inviting.


As mentioned, a leadlight door will allow light to flow into your home so you can continue to enjoy a light and airy feel throughout it. However, the type of glazing that is used, as well as the supporting cames, obscure the view inside from the exterior. This is of great benefit if your front door faces directly onto the street or can be overseen by neighbours. You don't want to hang fussy net curtains in front of a glazed door since these look old-fashioned and need to be laundered frequently. Contemporary leadlight doors, on the other hand, offer just the right level of privacy without any of the ongoing work.


Modern leadlight doors look good and provide a level of kerb appeal that similar features simply do not. For the modest investment you need to have them installed, the return is often extremely favourable. Would-be buyers will often be attracted to their traditional-looking design as well as the way their coloured glass creates an almost magical effect inside as the sun tracks across the sky. All in all, they virtually pay for themselves.

For more information on leadlight doors, reach out to a glass and door company in your area.