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Ways to Customise Glass Shower Screens to Meet Your Needs

While all glass showers consist of screens and hardware of some sort, you can combine options to create the perfect structure to meet your needs. Consider the following specific ways you might want to customise your installation.

Create a Feeling of Space

In a small bathroom, you might be interested in opening up the area and making it feel larger. You can achieve this outcome by installing a frameless shower screen using clear glass. The screens form a physical barrier to contain water without blocking the view. As a result, you can see into all corners of the room, which makes it appear as large as possible. 

Conversely, opaque shower curtains and dominant framing visually separate the enclosure from the open floor space, which causes the bathroom to naturally feel smaller as a result. For the most transparent effect, install low-iron glass which is crystal clear. Standard clear glass has a slight green cast due to its iron content. 

Create Privacy

Another way to customise a glass shower is to design it with privacy in mind. Frosted glass presents ways to do this. It comes in an even sheen or diverse patterns and designs. Additionally, frosted panels are available in different transparency levels so you can fine-tune the shower's privacy level. Some screens slightly obscure the view while others render the glass almost opaque. 

Also bear in mind the frosting designs' placement. Some screens are wholly covered with a pattern from top to bottom. However, other screens have frosting only along the middle sections, obscuring the view where it might be most desired. You could also build a shower with frosted screens at the enclosure front and clear ones along the sides. Your bathroom layout will largely dictate what will work for you using this strategy.

Create Different Aesthetic Effects

You can also style a glass shower to create various aesthetic effects to suit your bathroom design. In a modern Zen space, you might like the minimalism of frameless clear glass. For a vintage bathroom with alternating black and white floor tiling, you could install a fully framed shower, encased in matte black hardware. Decorative glass options can flatter traditional decor. For example, you could cover the screens with delicate filigree etchings. In a chic bathroom, you could install shower screens covered with clouds, raindrops, or other natural elements. By combining different types of framing and glass, you can produce endless aesthetics, one of which is sure to match your bathroom.