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Getting Involved in the Wonderful World of Glass

If you have never taken the time to learn about the different ways in which glass can be used around the home but you want to find out more, you are in the right place. This website has been created in order to provide people with info about exciting ways in which glass can be incorporated into a property. We aren't experts but we are geeks when it comes to using glass around the home. We have set out to learn everything we can about this subject so we can communicate it to our readers. Check back soon for more updates!

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How Versatile Glass Showers Balance Competing Wants and Needs

When renovating a bathroom, you need to weigh up different concerns and work out how to achieve them with your budget and design plans. That's why a highly adaptable glass shower is ideal. However, sometimes you have to do a balancing act and sacrifice some of one thing to get another. Here's a look at how a versatile glass shower can help you balance glazing and framing options.  Glazing Options: Privacy Versus Openness Read More 

The Economic Advantages Of All-Around Home Window Tinting

Australia's climate conditions are predominantly favourable for outdoor activities, as it is rare to experience a shortage in sunshine. However, while this warm weather is great when you want to spend time outside, it is not particularly comfortable when you are indoors. Hence, it is hard to come by a household that is not heavily reliant on their blinds and air conditioning to keep the sweltering sun from penetrating their interiors. Read More 

The Benefits of Leadlight Doors In Your Home

Leadlight doors are attractive in many settings, especially residential ones. They are made from divider bars that sit between the individual sections of glass. These bars are known as cames and lead was the traditional material that was used to fashion them. These days, other metals are also used in the manufacturing of leadlight glazing but lead is still often the most preferred material. The use of coloured and tinted sections of glass to create an image is centuries old and was used in many church settings in Europe long before it was even considered for residences. Read More 

Can You Replace a Cracked Windscreen Yourself?

When an errant rock spins off the wheel of a passing truck, it can strike your windscreen with such force that the glass will instantly crack. While the damage may not be so severe at that moment, the crack will eventually spread due to wind resistance and the undulating road surface. If the crack is within the driver's immediate field of vision, you'll probably have to replace the screen entirely, but is this a job you can handle yourself or is it best to outsource? Read More 

Why Glass Splashbacks Are Better Than Tile

When renovating or remodelling your kitchen, one of the choices you'll be faced with is the material for your splashback. But when it comes to choosing between glass and tiles, there are some very clear differences. Glass has many unique benefits as a splashback, both functional and aesthetic, benefits not shared by tiles and grout. If you are currently trying to decide between a tile and a glass splashback for your kitchen, the following points will illustrate why glass is the better of the two options. Read More